SGN FOODS エスジーエヌフーズ


Main Concept of SGN FOODS LLC.

Main Concept of SGN FOODS LLC.
Philosophy and missin of SGN FOODS LLC.

[FOODS] are one of the most important factors for a human being regarding “Health” as well as the enjoyment of eating. However, the Japanese foods’ surroundings have really changed in time in many aspects. This change is not always favorable for our health and also for the global environment. Maybe we Japanese are not aware of these changes do to the fact that we are always in a hurry. Or maybe we are trying to hide from these facts.

About SGN Foods

We think the time has come to willingly choose food products that are based on the concept “soft and beneficial to both people and the earth”.

SGN FOODS LLC are the first to introduce and distribute premium foods from New Zealand and Australia to the Japanese table. Based on this passion, we established our company. We believe New Zealand and Australia (especially Tasmania) are the most pollution-free environment areas in the world. Harvest in a pure natural environment would be “soft and beneficial to both people and the earth”. We always seek and carefully select such products, and this is why only satisfied products will be introduced.

About SGN Foods

Natural and tasty foods bring us an “hour of bliss”, and at the same time, these foods have to be beneficial for our health. It's a sincere desire of SGN FOODS LLC to contribute Japanese foods’ surroundings through introducing
[Safe] [Good] [Natural] foods to the Japanese Table.

  • ニュージーランド産オーガニックベビーフード Only Organic オンリーオーガニック
  • オーストラリア産パスタ Vetta ベッタ
  • Premium foods from NewZealand & Australia ニュージーランド・オ-ストラリアのプレミアムフードを日本の食卓へ
  • Southern Bridge Kobe サザンブリッジ神戸 Online Shop
  • 取扱店舗はコチラ Shops
  • 法人のお客様はコチラ For Commercial Inquiry